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Kristy is Kinsey

I love Kristy, and Kristy is Kinsey Wolanksi .

Don’t you understand the meaning of my words? Don’t worry, listen to my story, and you’ll understand why Kristy is Kinsey Wolanksi, my favorite erotic fantasy.

I’ve always been a big football fan, and for me the Champions League final is sacred. That appointment, together with the final of the soccer world championships every four years, is the pinnacle of my life as a football fan, an appointment to follow alone, in a religious silence, focused on the actions of the players, with a beer and chips.


I must confess that this year the hype was at the highest level. For once there was no Real Madrid in the final, and two English teams, certainly not the favorites at the start of the tournament. The final was open to any result, and for an enthusiast, this situation was the best possible. The uncertainty is always ideal for such an important match, and I was counting the minutes that separated me from the start of the football match.


The moment had finally arrived, and the beginning was incredible! A speedy goal to make it clear that anything could happen in the final.

But I still didn’t know what was going to happen.

Suddenly a beautiful girl with a swimsuit appeared on the soccer field, showing her legs, her ass and her shaved pussy.

The girl was blonde and beautiful, and the stadium stewards were embarrassed to touch a half-naked woman.

My attention had gone from the game to that beautiful girl, and I felt a solid erection.

The girl was taken away from the soccer field, and the game continued. I find it very difficult to remember who won and I watched the whole match with a minimum attention threshold because my mind kept thinking about that girl and her swimsuit.

I had never seen such a beautiful girl, and I am not a great Latin lover. I am an introverted and shy boy who loves football and is not muscular. I have few opportunities to talk to a girl and even less to seduce her, except in rare cases.

My erection was very strong, and I masturbated thinking of that blonde pussy, with a powerful orgasm.

I picked up my cell phone and started searching on social media, and many people, just like me, had gone crazy for the football field invasion and everyone was trying to find out the identity of that girl.

Was she a professional model? Or a girl looking for advertising? Was it a show organized by UEFA?

I read a thousand different hypotheses, but no one had yet managed to understand who that girl was and to discover her name had become my main thought, more important than commenting the game on my blog.

The following morning the web finally discovered the girl’s name: Kinsey Wolanksi, which became my new obsession.

I started following the girl on Instagram, and I’m not ashamed to say that I masturbated on almost every photo. I discovered that the camp invasion was organized to promote the boyfriend’s porn site.

I was slightly disappointed, Kinsey Wolanski was engaged. But that didn’t stop me from masturbating more and more.

At work, my colleagues realized that something had happened because I barely commented on the football match, and they soon discovered that I spent every minute of my free time finding out more information about Kinsey Wolanski.


Tom, the colleague with whom I had the most confidence, asked me what was happening.


“I don’t know Tom. This girl, Kinsey Wolanski, has something special, an incredible erotic charge, which triggers something in me. Nothing like this ever happened to me.”

“The girl is viral now, everyone loves her, and you’re not the only one with fantasies about her.”

“But mine are not just fantasies. I absolutely have to have sex with her.”

“Don’t become a stalker, please,” said Tom, laughing.

“I know it’s impossible, but it would be enough for me to find a girl like Kinsey Wolanski, and my fantasy would be realized.”

“Would you like a girl like that? Well, it’s hard. Pretty girls like Kinsey are tough to find, and if you can find her, well, I bet they are already engaged to very rich or very jealous men.”

“I know. I hope that over time, these fantasies disappear.”

“It makes no sense to wear yourself out for a girl you can never have.”


Tom was right, but it was easy to say and difficult to do. Kinsey Wolanski memes filled my Facebook wall, I received feeds from her Instagram, and I was looking for news about her every day. I also subscribed to the VitalyUncensored site to support Kinsey.

I mean, I was a real addict to that girl, and the situation just seemed to get worse.

I tried to look for a real woman, I went to clubs and discos, but none seemed as beautiful as her, and I was shy. My situation did not seem to improve, and the only thing to do was wait for my obsession to pass with time.


But then one day I received a photograph on WhatsApp, sent by Tom. It was a photo of a beautiful girl, remarkably similar to Kinsey Volansky, and Tom had written:




I didn’t understand the meaning of the message, but that girl was the same as Kinsey, in fact, Kristy was even more beautiful!

I contacted my friend Tom for explanations.


“Tom, what do that picture and the message mean? Kristy is even better than Kinsey, where did you find her?”

“I must confess something.”


“I go to escorts sometimes,” said Tom.

“I don’t see where the problem is,” I said, and I was sincere. For me, there was no problem attending an escort.

“ is the best escort site in the country, and in their catalog, they added this girl, Kristy, who is similar to Kinsey Volanski, indeed, Kristy is more beautiful. As soon as I saw her, I immediately thought of you.”

“Thanks, but what should I do?”

“You don’t understand? You have to contact the agency and have sex with Kristy, very simple. In this way, you will have sex with a woman much more beautiful than Kinsey Wolanski, and your obsession will disappear.”


“Of course, I can’t stand always to see you in front of her Instagram, immersed in your fantasies. What you have to do is fuck a girl better thank Kinsey Wolanski, and Kristy is the perfect girl.”

“But I don’t have much money.”

“The agency is cheap, but it has quality girls and first-rate service. Contact them and follow my advice. You will thank me.”

“How should I do?”

“Contact the staff and ask Kristy. Explain your fantasies, and they will give you her price and all the necessary information.”

“But all this embarrasses me.”

“Don’t be shy, it’s an extremely natural thing. I’ve tried other girls, and it’s beautiful every time. They protect your privacy to perfection.”


I was undecided, I didn’t want to spend too much money, but Tom was right, I had to stop with these fantasies. Tom insisted every day, sending me pictures of Kristy, and eventually, I agreed to contact the agency to prepare my meeting with Kristy.

Tom had explained to me how to organize the meeting.

I then contacted the agency, introducing myself, and saying that I wanted to spend a night with Kristy.

The staff responded quickly, giving me the escort’s free dates. We set the time and explained my requests.

I had no particular fantasies, I just wanted to have sex with a prettier girl than Kinsey Wolanski, but since I was paying for an escort, I thought I’d take off some whim, so I asked if Kristy was available for anal sex and some spanking.

The staff told me to contact Kristy, who said she was willing to have anal sex for an extra amount.

I immediately accepted, feeling the excitement that was rising inside me.

The meeting would be held at the Sheraton Hotel at 8PM. Kristy knew how to enter the hotel discreetly, without damaging my privacy, and I appreciated it very much.

I was in my naked room, I kept looking at photos of the young escort and Kinsey Wolanski’s Instagram profile, and I had to admit that Tom was right: Kinsey was great, but Kristy was terrific.

The girl arrived promptly at my door. I didn’t want to waste time, and once I was sure it was the escort, I opened the door completely naked.

Kristy was beautiful, she wore black stiletto heel sandals, a low-cut black dress and she wore perfect make-up.

Superb, the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.

And I had to admit that Tom was right, Kristy was much better than Kinsey Wolanski.

Kristy looked at my erection and smiled.


“You seem happy,” she said.

“Now that I’ve seen you, I’m the happiest man in the world,” I replied.


Kristy came in and undressed immediately, remaining naked with the high heels.


I asked for a small favor.


“Can I call you Kinsey?”

“Like Kinsey Wolanski?”

“Yes, please.”

“No, I’m Kristy, and I’m better than her, and I’m here to show you why.”


Kristy started giving me a blowjob, the best blowjob of my life.

I don’t want to tell my experience in detail, I am a gentleman, and I don’t like talking about my sexual relations. I just want to say that anal sex with Kristy was perfect. I was afraid of hurting her, but she helped me and brought some lubricant. I had no problem inserting it into her ass. Kristy was really involved in sex, she moaned, hugged me, and kissed me. She gave me the feeling of wanting to have sex with me.

We had sex three times all night, and I was exhausted.


“Congratulations,” she told me, kissing my cock for the last time.

“You’re amazing.”

“Are you convinced now that I’m better than Kinsey Volanski?”

“Yes, no doubt.”

“Do you still want to make love with me?”

“I will never get tired of doing it.”

“Contact me again, I can’t wait. You gave me pleasure.”


Kristy got dressed and left the room while I fell asleep.


Tom wanted to know all the details, but I told only the bare minimum, and I’m saving to get the money to call the agency again and get a new night of sex with Kristy.

I stopped following Kinsey on Instagram and the web. I have read news of her success. I’m happy for her, but now that girl is no longer my obsession. Now my passion is the beautiful Kristy, a girl I can touch and fuck whenever I want.

Hi Kinsey, you gave me high emotions, but now my heart belongs to Kristy.

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