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Hello everyone, and welcome to the Babes Escort Amsterdam Homepage, site # 1 where to find the best Amsterdam escorts in the city, all the most beautiful girls, the kinky escort, girls company and escort sex in the most transgressive town in Europe!

Babes Escort Amsterdam wants to be the best escort directory in the industry, where every client of ours will be sure to find only the hottest Amsterdam escort, the most sensual girls, the most mischievous escorts, the best of the best, for those who want to have a night of sex and passion in this city.

Our customers will have the certainty of being able to select only the best, most mischievous, pornstar babe escorts ready to do anything to make cum a man like ever in her life. We are prepared to perform all your most scandalous fantasies together with our top Amsterdam escorts, and the best thing is that our escort catalog is continuously being updated, as we are always looking for sensual girls and new escorts.

Who are we?

We are the best escort agency in the city, specializing in all types of girl companies and sex entertainment in the Dutch capital and throughout the Netherlands. Our staff is carefully selected and formed only by people with a great experience in the field, able recruiters able to choose only the hottest Amsterdam escort.

Ours is a professional staff that always knows how to select the perfect kinky escort for each client’s requests, and staff that perfectly protects the privacy of each individual customer throughout the service.

Quality is the principle that drives us to continually improve ourselves, to create a perfect escort directory, and to discover new talented escorts in every corner of Holland and Europe.

Our selectors are very strict, and only the most beautiful, motivated and malicious girls will have the privilege of entering the Babes Escort Amsterdam stable!

We want our customers to have the certainty of having only the best of the best from us. Mediocrity is unacceptable, and our standard must be just perfect.

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is not only one of the most beautiful European capitals, a Venice of the North, a place of great historical importance, with museums and high culture. Amsterdam is also the European capital of transgression and fun. If a person wants to have fun, he has only one place to go: Amsterdam.

This city has an extremely open mind, a high tolerance, and was the best place to create the best Amsterdam escort directory in the world.

Amsterdam girls are sensual, love sex, have no taboos or moral limits. For them, life is now, and only sex and fun exists. Tomorrow is uncertain, and no one can waste their lives thinking about the judgment of others. If you want to have sex with one of our hot escorts, you can do it, and they will be happy to do it with you.

There was no other ideal location than Amsterdam to create this great project, and this city is perfect for all escort company services that our sexy girls offer to all our customers.

Only in Amsterdam can you find a red-light district, coffee shop, a porn museum, night clubs, the best clubs in Europe, a female company of the highest quality and the freedom to do whatever you want.

Babes Escort Amsterdam lives in symbiosis with this city, which is the ideal stage for our beautiful escorts, and where they can easily steal the hearts and minds of customers. Only in Amsterdam can incredible things happen, which will remain etched in the spirit of customers forever.

And always remember the first rule of this city: what happens in Amsterdam, remains in Amsterdam.

Maximum protection of your sensitive data will guarantee you the freedom to experience the best Amsterdam escort experience ever, in the best city in Europe, thanks to Babes Escort Amsterdam.

Our girls

Our sexy girls are the best of the best that the top escort sector can offer to all our customers. Every single girl is the result of a meticulous selection whose purpose is to identify only the most motivated girls, the most talented ones and to verify their abilities in sex. Our selectors know that our customers have the highest quality standards, and our commitment is to give them perfect kinky escorts.

Every girl of ours has a perfect body, a natural predisposition to sex in every form, a desire to satisfy the customer in every request, and the utmost professionalism in handling every single request.

In our escort directory, you will find only the top escort babes of Amsterdam, girls from other Dutch cities, such as Rotterdam or Utrecht, and selected girls from Italy, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Spain, and Russia.

For our customers, our recruitment has no boundaries, and we are determined to hire all the top Amsterdam escorts in Europe.

Furthermore, our site is continuously updated, and we are always looking for new escorts for our loyal customers, and we read each feedback carefully.

Since quality is the basis of our service, we want to make sure that every single girl meets our highest standards, and customers can leave feedback for each sexy girl. Hot escorts who do not meet our criteria will no longer be available in our escort home page and will be replaced by more beautiful and hot girls.

Visit our home page often to discover the new VIP escorts of our service, and to have the privilege of living a dream night based on sex and lust with one or more of our best Amsterdam escorts.

Every girl performs essential services and can accept extra services (anal, kisses, facial, etc.). Read each girl’s profile to find out her secret pleasures, and don’t hesitate to contact the staff to find out what extra services are provided by each individual girl and the price.

We can guarantee you a unique combination of beautiful girls, fair prices, and a quality that does not fear competitors in Amsterdam and throughout the Netherlands.

How it works?

Our service has very precise rules and offers three different escort company modes.

Both the rules and the escort company methods will be explained later.

To book a meeting with one of our escort babes you need to follow a straightforward procedure, which will allow us to select the pornstar escort that best suits your needs.

You just have to select the best Amsterdam escort to spend a hot night of sex and contact our staff. The staff will ask you for some necessary information to be able to select the best girl if that choice does not offer all the services you are looking for.

Thanks to the selection of the staff you will be sure to know only the best hot Amsterdam escort for what you are looking for.

Once you have selected the girl, you will have to choose the type of service you want. Our agency offers three very different services for all customers, who can enjoy the company of our top escorts in ways that are always different, exciting and unforgettable.

Once you have selected the kinky escort and babe escort service, you will have to book the day for the meeting. Our girls have a long list of bookings, so we don’t guarantee that they will be free for the designated day. In case of schedule problems, we will do our best to find an alternative date that will satisfy both you and our girls.

In case of impediment, we would like to be promptly informed to free the girl from the booking.

Payment must be made in advance, and all extra services must be agreed in advance with the chosen girl. It is not allowed to request further services after payment.

The staff can reimburse the customer in the event of cancellation for reasons beyond our control (illnesses, other commitments, physical impediments), while the client will not be refunded in the event of unfair or unprofessional behavior.

Payment can be made electronically. Our payment system is protected by encryption.

The services offered by Babes Escort Amsterdam are:

Amsterdam Restaurant Service

Amsterdam City Tour

Amsterdam Hotel Service


Each service has its own rules, which are listed below.

Amsterdam Restaurant Service

In this service the customer can choose one of our beautiful escorts and spend a wonderful evening with her in one of the best restaurants in Amsterdam, eating delicious food, drinking good wine, and knowing every detail of her life.

The service allows you to get to know the escort, to spend a pleasant evening, and to plan subsequent meetings. We recommend it to all customers who want to know if that sexy escort can have a special feeling with them.

What are the main rules of this service?

– The restaurant payment is charged to the customer. Our escort can order what she wants, both as food and as drinks. Our young escort doesn’t have to spend even a penny.

– The restaurant must be luxurious. Pizzerias, all you can eat restaurants, fast food and McDonald’s are not allowed. Amsterdam is full of great restaurants where you can spend an evening with quality food.

– Every girl has personal preferences regarding the restaurant but can adapt to the client’s choice, as long as it reflects the agency’s quality standards. In the case of particular food preferences (such as vegan), or specific allergies, it will be specified by the staff.

– The restaurant reservation is charged to the customer. Once the restaurant has been booked, the customer must send us confirmation by e-mail to finish the booking of the young Amsterdam escort.

– This service is basically a service to accompany customers to the restaurant, both in private dinners and in business dinners. There are no sexual acts, only provocations. Customers who insistently request sexual services in this service will be banned from the agency.

– The beautiful escort can wear any outfit chosen by the client, as long as it is suitable for an expensive and not vulgar restaurant. Our girls have wardrobes with the most beautiful clothes in the city, and can send customers photos to let them decide the best outfit, or buy new clothes or shoes. It is not allowed to make erotic requests, such as asking not to wear underwear. The customer who perseveres in these requests will not get the service.

– Maximum education and elegance are required.

– The agency reserves the right to send WhatsApp messages or phone calls to our sensual Amsterdam Escort to get instant feedback. In the case of inappropriate behavior, the staff has the right to intervene immediately. This security check is necessary for the security of our escort babes, and will not be applied to loyal customers.

– In the event of impediments of various kinds (physical, working, personal), it is advisable to receive a notification as soon as possible, to free the girl from the booking. The refund will be made after contacting the staff.

– Our top Amsterdam escort will arrive at the restaurant by taxi, and it is not allowed to know her address. After dinner, the customer will have to call a cab for the escort girl.

– Payment in advance.

– It is not allowed to ask for personal information from our escort girl.


At the end of the service, the customer can leave feedback on the girl’s page so that they can know which girls have complied with our agency’s standards.

With your help, we will select only the best girls.


Amsterdam City Tour

Amsterdam is a beautiful city, with hundreds of tourist attractions visited by millions of tourists every year, such as the van Gogh museum, the flower market, the Heineken Experience, the porn museum, the royal palace and much more.

But what could be better than visiting a typical Amsterdam place, or spending an evening in one of Europe’s most famous clubs along with one of our escort babes?

Our Amsterdam City Tour service will allow you to spend time together with a beautiful Amsterdam escort in one of the particular places in Amsterdam, to go shopping and lots of other social activities. The men will envy you because you’ll be together with the most beautiful girl in Amsterdam, we can guarantee it.

But what are the rules of this service?

The rules are few and simple, and we ask for maximum customer collaboration to ensure the best possible service.

– Our girls love every place in Amsterdam, but every sexy escort has a particular area where she likes to go. However, the client can decide the location of the meeting, but the girl has the right to refuse for personal reasons.

– The day of the meeting must be agreed with a discreet notice to organize the bookings of our kinky escort. In case of an impediment, it is possible to book another day.

– Our sensual girls are available to participate with you in social events such as theater evenings, concerts, business dinners. In the case of business dinners, they would like to have more information about your business to have excellent conversations with other guests.

– The beautiful escort you choose can buy items or food, and the customer will have to pay for everything.

– This service is for escort only, there is no sexual activity, except for kisses, if the beautiful escort accepts. The client who tries to have sexual services on this city tour will be banned from the agency and will no longer be able to contact our girls.

– Every girl will do her best to satisfy the customer on the meeting outfit, but we ask customers to choose shoes and clothes suitable for the context. A meeting with a long walk is not suitable for high heels, and a night at the theater is not ideal for mini skirts.

– The girls will not wear anything erotic, and it is not possible to ask not to wear underwear.

– Photos and videos together are prohibited.

– The top Amsterdam babe you choose can also interpret your girlfriend in real girlfriend experience, but even in this case, there is no service of a sexual nature.

– The agency has the right to contact the girl by telephone for immediate feedback. In the event of unprofessional conduct by the customer, we have the right to terminate the service immediately, without any refund. Improper behavior will be reported to the competent authorities.

– In the case of outdoor meetings, it is possible to postpone the service in case of bad weather.

– The girl will arrive by taxi, and at the end of the service, the customer will have to call a cab for the sensual babe.

– The service is active in the Amsterdam area. For meetings in other cities (such as business trips), please contact the staff with more details, and we will check if the necessary conditions exist to complete the booking.

– Payment is made in advance and is paid based on the hours of service requested. Once the service has started, it is not allowed to ask for additional hours.


We trust in the total cooperation of our customers to offer a service of the highest quality.

Amsterdam Hotel Service

This is the service that everyone loves! A night of love, lust, passion, wild sex with one or more of our Amsterdam escort babes.

In this service, the client will select one of our sensual Amsterdam escorts and spend hours of sex with her in an Amsterdam hotel suite.

This service has stringent rules, to ensure the best possible service, high quality, and safety of young escorts.

We trust in total collaboration with all our customers to have an excellent service and many hours of intense orgasms with our great Amsterdam escort.


– The hotel must be luxurious and comfortable. The girls have a favorite hotel, but they can reach the client at any hotel in Amsterdam as long as it meets the agency’s quality standards. Hostels and Bed & Breakfast are not included.

– The reservation must be made by the customer, and all costs are at his expense.

– The girl will arrive by taxi at the indicated time. Each of our babe escorts is a professional who knows how to protect the privacy of every customer. The girl will come to your door with the utmost discretion.

– Every girl has sexual preferences and activities she hates. For example, not all of our hot escorts love anal sex, cumshots, or footjobs. For this reason, it is necessary to tell your preferences to the staff to allow us to select the best Amsterdam escort for your needs. Our girls agree to do extra services, but they must be specified first, as not all of them love certain practices. Customers who try to force girls to do something they don’t like (like anal sex) will be banned by the agency.

– Not all our girls accept hot cumshots on their faces or in their bodies. Even this service is extra that not all girls accept. Girls do not swallow semen under any circumstances.

– All sexual practices must be previously agreed with the chosen kinky escort. It is not allowed to ask for other sexual practices after payment or in the hotel room.

– The girls will wear beautiful outfits, lingerie, stockings, high heels and all the clothes that can get you excited, or buy something just for you. Girls can have sex in heels and wear only certain clothes in the bedroom. Ask the girl what you want to see, and she will do her best to satisfy you. Customers can buy clothes for girls, who can take them home.

– Selfies, amateur videos or photographs are not allowed with our girls to protect their privacy. We at the escort agency are sure that our girls will create unforgettable moments and you will never forget them, even without photographs or videos. Customers who are caught filming or photographing an escort babe will be banned and reported to the authorities.

– Our girls love cleaning. The room must be clean, and the kinky escort must be able to take a hot shower before and after the escort sex. Even the client has to be clean, and a bath together with a sexy escort babe can be a charming way to start an evening with an escort porn star.

– Every sexual practice, including oral sex, must be performed with a condom. The customer can bring his favorite brand (a sealed package), and our escorts always have condoms in their bags. Having sex without a condom is strictly prohibited, and the customer who requests it will be banned from the agency and the service at the hotel will be stopped immediately.

– Our girls are periodically checked by medical staff. The customer can request a copy of the analysis of the chosen escort.

– Our kinky escorts are mainly heterosexual, but some girls can have sex even with girls. If you want to see a lesbian show, contact the staff, and we will find the right girl.

– Sadomasochistic or violent sex is not allowed. Our hot girls love romantic sex, without slaps or spankings.

– Customers who want to make threesomes should contact the staff because not all girls are comfortable with this thing. Double penetrations (anal and vaginal together) must be discussed with the chosen girl, while sex with two girls can include a lesbian show. Not all girls offer this service, and the staff recommends to indicate the selected girls to check their availability. In any case, lesbian kisses must be agreed with the girls.

– It is not possible to obtain personal data of the girls, for any reason.

– The payment must be made in advance, after having agreed all the services of the Amsterdam Hotel Service. In case of impediment (illness, personal reasons, various types of impediments), it is possible to cancel the service and be reimbursed, or to book another date for the service, according to the escort’s bookings. Customers who violate the rules before the service date will not use the service, and will not be reimbursed.

– At the end of the service, the client must book a taxi for our girl, and then leave feedback on the quality of the service received. Recurring customers will have discounts and exceptional treatment.

Sex is fantastic, and with our escort babes, it will be unforgettable.

We thank all the customers for the collaboration, and we invite you to visit our site often to discover new escort babes and to book our services.


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