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Girlfriend Experience Amsterdam

I want to start my story by saying that I’ve never been a man who has had a huge success with women. Yes, I had some girlfriends and relationships, but none of them lasted a long time, and each time the relationship with that woman worsened considerably. I’m not a person who appreciates monogamy, and I’m terrified of being with one woman for too long and getting bored. I hate boredom, and when I started using the Amsterdam escort service, I solved many of my problems.

The site has beautiful Amsterdam divas and offers an Amsterdam escort service with top escorts in the city.

Hiring an escort is comfortable with this agency, and it has solved many problems for me. I have to indicate a place and a date, and the VIP escort Amsterdam will arrive on time at my hotel to have sex the way I like it.

I don’t have to think about relationships, everyday problems, jealousy, or monogamy. I can choose a different girl every day from this escort service in Amsterdam, and I don’t have any connection.

For me, it is heaven.

But lately, I have the feeling of being bored even with an Amsterdam escort. I have the strange feeling of having already experienced all those experiences and of not having new emotions to live.

As I said, I hate boredom, so I tried to solve this problem by trying new types of girls, like hiring a Chinese escort Amsterdam or trying some other dutch escorts.

But nothing, the feeling of boredom was still very present inside me, and in the end, I understood what the problem was: the classic Amsterdam escort experience was boring me.

Don’t get me wrong, VIP Amsterdam escorts are gorgeous, the best girls in the world, but my experience of Amsterdam sex asked to move on to the next level, something beyond sex. I, who hated monogamy, needed a Girlfriend Experience Amsterdam.

What is this Amsterdam girlfriend experience?

Amsterdam girlfriend experience is a service offered by top Amsterdam escorts who behave correctly like a real girlfriend. The Amsterdam divas that provide this service allow you to kiss, talk and live the same experiences you can do with a real girlfriend, but with a fundamental difference: you are not really engaged, but it is just a great game. You don’t have to be jealous if someone watches the VIP escort Amsterdam, you don’t have to think about the relationship, but only to live that moment. For me, it was the perfect compromise between my desire to try something new and deeper and the fear of monogamy. Controlled monogamy, active only for a few hours. Perfect, I couldn’t ask for better.

Now I just had to find the Amsterdam escort service that could offer me this service, and I already knew where to look:

I connected to the site, and I had a huge difficulty choosing the top Amsterdam escort with which to do the girlfriend experience.

I just wanted the most beautiful girl, the kinkiest and creative one, but the choice was difficult. I felt like a child in front of a pastry shop, who could only choose one candy among many: impossible to do it, but I had to.

Finally, I managed to make my choice, and I selected the top class dutch escort called Britney (here is her profile I contacted the site staff to see if Britney was available for a girlfriend experience during my vacation, and the team confirmed Britney’s availability.

I contacted the girl and planned all our experience in great detail, and I found great complicity in Britney. The top class Amsterdam escort had my ideas and the desire to satisfy all my requests fully. I couldn’t be more satisfied, and I couldn’t wait to get started.

The first stop of my girlfriend experience was a dinner at the restaurant. I chose an Italian restaurant, the “Le Due Sicilie” because I and the top class Amsterdam escort Britney love Italian food.

Britney and I arrived together, like a real couple, and held hands when we entered the restaurant. She was beautiful, wearing black high heels and a short red dress, exactly as I had requested. Beautiful, lovely, I was very excited, and everyone was watching that couple of boyfriends having dinner together.

The evening was beautiful. Britney and I talked about a lot of things, even personal topics, and the dutch escort Britney was smart and very sensitive and gave me great advice about my private life. Britney was the girlfriend I wanted, and I had a wonderful evening with this hot Amsterdam escort.

The evening continued with an evening at the Bulldog coffeeshop, where Britney and I spent an extremely unconventional evening. I felt a strange feeling, I was jealous of Britney, but at the same time, I was happy to be envied by all men. I didn’t have to worry about her loyalty, but just my fun. Britney was a professional, and I knew she would dedicate 100% of her attention to me. The evening would have ended exactly as real couples do: wild sex, and the location was my bedroom at the Hilton Hotel. I spared no expense for my evening with the hot Amsterdam escort Britney.

Sex was phenomenal, Britney is a real sex machine, able to do anything. I experienced practices that I had only seen in porn movies, and I finally realized my fantasy of having sex with a girl wearing only high heels.

I don’t want to say any more details, Britney was my girlfriend, and I must protect her honor.

After this experience with the top Amsterdam escort Britney, I am more that I want to do it again. Follow my advice, the new frontier of Girlfriend Experience Amsterdam.

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