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Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

In sex, the two partners always play two distinct roles: the active one and the submissive one. The person who plays an active role is the one who has total control of the situation, and who decides what to do and what sexual positions to perform. The submissive person, on the other hand, only carries out all the orders of the master, simply obeying everything he is told to do. In sex, it is possible to be both active and passive, dominant or submissive, depending on the sexual position or fantasies of each person. Some clients have pleasure in having sex with a dominatrix escort, who decides what to do, humiliates the partner and who has total control of the situation, but other clients have expressed their willingness to have sex with a submissive escort, a girl willing to blindly obey all their directives and ready to fulfill any sexual desire. To satisfy the requests of all these customers, we have created a new extra service, called Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, the service that allows all customers to be able to have sex with a submissive escort whenever they wish.

If you are interested in our Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, then read on this article, and you will find out everything you need to know to use this new service!


Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?


In sex, there is always a person who is defined as active, and one who is defined as passive. The active person is the one who carries out the penetration, decides the sexual positions to be done (usually positions that allow him to highlight his domination over the partner), and who has complete control not only of the situation but also of the partner’s body. The submissive person is the one who receives the penetration and obeys all the orders of the master. It is not necessarily a BDSM type relationship, even if that type of sex is based precisely on the dynamic between the active person and the passive person. Even without BDSM sex, it is possible to establish one’s physical and psychological domination over the partner through words, actions, and sexual games. Our Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is a service designed to meet the demands of people who love having sex with a submissive partner and show off their physical and mental domination.

In this service, it will be possible to have sex with a submissive partner, willing to satisfy every request, and to correctly interpret the role of the submissive woman. The submissive partner will also be available for BDSM sex, but with the payment of an extra fee. The possibilities of having sex in different ways with a submissive partner are many, and our babes are always ready to listen to your ideas and put their creativity to work to make you happy in the best way.

To carry out your fantasies, you will only have to select the girl you are most interested in (all our babes are available to perform the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency), and indicate the services you want to do (this is an additional service that must be purchased together with another service, such as the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or with anal sex), to then indicate where and when to perform the service (it can only be used in a hotel room to protect the girl’s privacy and yours). We will organize the service, and you can have sex with a submissive girl!


Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things to do

Our service is highly controversial and has affected many people. Having sex with a submissive woman allows the man to vent all his instincts of domination and to have full control of the situation, but it is easy to lose control and exaggerate with domination.

We have, therefore, established rules to be respected in the execution of the service. Here are the things to do to have a perfect Submission Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.

– This service will allow you to have sex with the escort who will play the role of a submissive partner. The service does not guarantee sex and must be purchased with other services. It is not possible to buy this service alone.

– All sexual activities that will be carried out together with this service must be carried out with a condom. This is the only thing the escort cannot satisfy you.

– Establish a STOP Word with your escort girl. STOP Word is a word that you will establish with the escort babe before starting your Amsterdam escort experience, and that will serve to immediately stop the service in case of loss of control or problems with the girl. If the escort babe says that word, you must immediately stop the service. However, if the situation gets back under control, you can resume the service.

– Follow the directions of the escort and don’t go overboard with domination. Remember that every girl has a personal pain threshold and may not appreciate certain forms of domination.


Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things not to do

As you have seen, this service is very particular, and it is easy to make mistakes that can ruin the relationship. Here is a series of tips on the behaviors not to be done during this service.

– Do not overdo physical and mental domination, especially if the escort has given you specific limits that should not be exceeded.

– Don’t ask the escort to have sex without a condom.

– Do not dominate the girl roughly, with slaps and spankings, unless you have previously agreed with the escort you have hired.

– Always remember to respect the STOP Word.

– Do not verbally humiliate the escort. Remember not to overdo it.

– You cannot take photos or videos during the Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency and in the rest of your Amsterdam escort experience.

– Maximum respect and education for the escort who is giving you this service.


We wish you a tremendous Submissive Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

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