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Men always like to achieve the best possible orgasm every time they have sex, but they also have a desire to make a woman cum every time they have sex. The man has pleasure in bringing a woman to orgasm because it is a beautiful testimony of virility and sexual power. See an orgasming woman is always beautiful, it is also better to see a very powerful squirting whenever possible. Squirt is female ejaculation, and if you thought it only existed in porn movies, then you need to know that you’re wrong. The squirt exists, and our girls can do it for you at any time if you choose to use our Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, the service that will allow you to have a front-row seat for a squirting show performed by one of our beautiful Amsterdam escort girls!

If you are interested in female ejaculation and want to see the power of squirting live, then read on this article, and you will discover all the secrets of this extra service that we are proud to offer exclusively to all our customers.


Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?


Squirting is the pinnacle of female pleasure. To date, it is said that, at most, 40% of women have managed to have this incredible experience, which is defined as beautiful, the closest thing to Paradise. The squirt does not come from the vagina, but from the urethra, and is the result of the excitement that is obtained in sex (mainly with masturbation and with the stimulation of the external walls of the vagina). Usually, women have these leaks in the form of a transparent/white liquid very similar to the gel, but some women are unable to retain this liquid and immediately release it from the vagina, causing the squirt and the extreme sensation of orgasm that derives from it. To date, it is still not clear what the substances that make up the squirt are, but everyone agrees that it is a truly incredible experience, that all women would like to try at least once in their life, and that all men would really like to see.

It is not at all easy to find a woman who can squirt like this, exactly as seen in porn movies, but our casting staff was able to select only the best girls for this service, and therefore we are proud to be able to announce that all the escort girls in our Amsterdam Escort Directory are perfectly capable of performing the new Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency whenever you wish. We are also proud to be able to offer this service to all our customers and also to realize their sexual fantasies.

Squirting is not achieved with penetration, but with masturbation. The woman can masturbate in front of the man in a particular way (stimulating the external walls of the vagina a lot), doing a masturbation show and squirting in front of her client, or the man will use his hands to bring the girl to the achieving an extreme squirt in a short time. However, in our Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, it is not possible to use your own hands to make the woman squirt, but only to see the escort babe masturbating until the squirt is reached. However, we can assure you that it is a show you will never forget.

In order to have the Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency you must select the escort you like best among all the girls who make up our Amsterdam escort directory (don’t worry, all are able to perform the Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency), indicate which services you want to use (you can also buy only the Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency), indicate where and when to perform the service, and we will organize your booking!


Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?

Squirting is the maximum pleasure for a woman, and this service will allow you to be in the front row to observe a beautiful woman who masturbates just for you. We have established rules to follow to guarantee the maximum safety of the girls and to guarantee you a pleasant service. So here’s what to do while running this service.


– Sex is not foreseen in this service. You will only be able to see the girl masturbating until she squirts. If you also want to have sex, you can also buy other services, such as the basic package with regular sex and condom blowjob or anal sex.

– The girl can also use a sex toy to masturbate, but the best result is obtained by using her hands and stimulating her vagina in a particular way. However, if you want the escort babe to use a sex toy, the girl can do it without problems.

– Give the girl enough time to achieve maximum squirting pleasure.

– You can masturbate while watching the girl masturbating for you, but you can’t ask for oral sex (if you haven’t purchased this service too), or a handjob. You cannot ejaculate on the girl’s body, and oral sex (if you purchased the service) must be done with a condom.

Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things not to do


There are some things that are best not to do in this service, so as not to hurt the girl or spoil this service. Here are the things you should not do while performing the live Squirting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency.


– You cannot have sex if you only buy this service, you can only watch and masturbate. Remember this when you tell us what service you want to do.

– You can’t masturbate the girl, even if you pay an extra fee.

– Reaching orgasm and squirting is not a quick thing. Allow the girl to take her time to squirt.

– Taking photos or videos is not allowed during this service and throughout your Amsterdam Escort Experience.


We wish you a great Squirting Amsterdam Escort Experience!

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