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Uniforms Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Usually, sex with our escorts takes place when both the client and the chosen girl are entirely naked, or wearing only some sexy accessories, such as high heels, or fishnet stockings. But there are customers who want the escort babe hired for their Amsterdam Escort Experience to play a particular role, like in a role-playing game or a cosplay. We are not talking, however, about dressing like a video game character, but about wearing a dress that can immediately excite and transmit a feeling of power and domination. And there is only one type of suit that can have this effect on a man: the uniform. You can’t lie, people who deal with people who wear uniforms feel uncomfortable, and never really control the situation. Those who have been arrested for a police check-up know what we mean. But uniforms are not only used to make people uncomfortable and to make it clear who is in charge but also to make people excited. If you are a lover of strange situations and want to transgress, even more, depriving uniforms of their role of intimidation, then our new extra service Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is the one for you.

In this service, you can finally have sex with a beautiful girl who wears a uniform and dominate her or be submissive. In a nutshell, in the Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, you can do whatever you want, creating your real Amsterdam Escort Experience.

If you are passionate about cosplay or want to try this new extra service, then continue reading this article, and you will find all the information you need to understand if it is the service you were looking for!


Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?

Uniforms have always been associated with an authoritarian figure capable of giving orders and enforcing rules, for example, a policeman or a doctor. Inevitably people who have unforms know they can exercise strong power over other people, and they do not fail to do so in any situation. We have already offered a series of services where the escort babe can wear costumes to have sex with the client and play role-playing games, but in the new Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, we have taken your imagination to the next level!

In this service, you can have sex with an escort wearing a uniform (policewoman, nurse, doctor, customs agent, soldier, etc.), and you can also choose all the roles you will play. For example, you can finally be the dominant person and take revenge on the policewoman who made you a fine by having sex with her. Or if you like being dominated, the policewoman can punish you in many other exciting ways. The choice is yours.

In order to take advantage of the Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency service, you must select the escort you like best on our platform (all the girls are available to do this extra service), tell us the services you want to do, the costume to wear, and where and when to perform the service. We will organize the booking for you, and you can have fun with our Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: What to do

In this extra service, you can finally establish the rules of the relationship you have with a woman wearing a uniform. We have established general rules to guarantee the best possible service. Here are the things to do to have a perfect Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!


– In this service, the girl you have chosen will wear a uniform. It is not possible to buy only this service because it does not include any sexual activity, you will have to combine it with other services, such as the basic package with regular sex and condom blowjob, anal sex or oral sex.

– Our girls have a set of uniforms ready to be worn. The girl you have chosen can send you the photos of the uniforms to let you choose the one she has to wear, or you can buy an outfit and use it with the escort babe you have hired. The costume you purchased will become the property of the escort.

– Remember to establish your role and that of the escort babe before starting to have sex, and remember to respect them.

– All the sex you have will have to happen with a condom.

– Remember that the uniform the girl is wearing is her property, try not to ruin it.

– You can also choose the accessories that the escort babe will wear in addition to the uniform, for example, the type of lingerie, the accessories, and the type of shoes.


Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things not to do


You have just read the things to do to have an excellent service, while now the time has come to read the things not to do so as not to risk compromising the quality of the service.

– Remember that you cannot have sex by purchasing this service only. To avoid misunderstandings, we have decided not to grant the purchase of only this service.

– Do not tear or ruin the escort’s uniform. If you destroy the dress, you will be forced to compensate for it.

– Do not overdo it if you will be the dominator in the sex you will have with the escort.

– Remember that taking photos or videos is not allowed during the Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency and throughout your Amsterdam Escort Experience.

– Maximum education and respect for the professionalism of the escort babe.


We wish you an excellent Uniform Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

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