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Do you want to live a life full of sex, love, travel, and luxury?

Don’t want to waste time by spending eight hours of your time each day on a job you hate to enrich another person?

Are you a beautiful girl who wants to take advantage of her body and have a natural aptitude for sex?

If you answered “Yes” to all the questions, then you came to the right page!

We at babesescortamsterdam are the most famous escort agency in Amsterdam, and our job is to select only the best girls from all over Europe and provide our clients with the best possible escort directory.

What is an escort?

The escort is our girl who earns money in exchange for sexual services. The escort can earn a lot of money in exchange for sex using her body and her skills to make the customer fall in love and bring him to have an unforgettable orgasm.

Our girls are only the best of the best, and nobody can forget them.

Our agency is continually looking for new girls to join our escort directory, and if you want to apply for one of our selections, this is the right page to do it.

To apply for an escort job, you must fill out the form below, indicating your name, surname, age, and address. Attach your best photographs (it is not necessary to send nude photos, but photos are needed in lingerie) and tell us in a few words why you believe you are the best escort possible and why we should choose you among all the candidates.

Be creative, be kinky, break the patterns and conventions and don’t be afraid to dare, impress us like no one has ever done and we guarantee you that you will have not only our curiosity but also our attention. Bring sex toys, and play with them in front of us, bring a friend or friend, impress us and prove you want this job!

During the interview, it is not the case to be shy and to be afraid! We want to determine girls who can excite us. Our girls must be the reference model for the whole business.

Escort work will allow you to live a privileged life, full of sex, dinners in luxurious restaurants where you will eat the best food in the world, prepared by phenomenal cooks without spending a penny. You’ll have sex with lots of men in luxurious hotels, you’ll travel all over the country and around the world, and you’ll always have luxurious jewels, beautiful dresses, heels and sensual lingerie that will be given to you by your best customers.

But above all, you’ll make money, lots of money, doing one of the most beautiful things in the world: sex.

Our agency is continually looking for girls to join our staff, we are interested in every type of girl, but you need to know a few things before submitting your application.


– No race or color bias. We are interested in what you can offer in the bedroom, not in your skin color.

– In the interview, you may be asked to strip yourself to let us see your body. You may be asked to do a striptease or show off your seduction skills. This work is not suitable for shy girls or those who have problems showing their bodies to men. You won’t be forced to do something that makes you uncomfortable. However, it is necessary for us to observe your body.

– Excellent social skills and conversation skills are required. Our customers love talking to girls during dinners or getting to know them better before having sex. Speaking is a great way to create the right mood with the customer, and it is a fundamental requirement for us. We are looking for smart girls with a unique culture.

Girls must have a natural talent for sex. We do not want to lie to the girls, and we will also say it in the interview, not all our customers will be young and beautiful. Our girls must be able to have sex with all the men in the best way. Girls must excel in every aspect of sex and always learn new tricks for the pleasure of customers.

– To start working as an escort, you will need to show recent blood tests. Our girls are monitored continuously to ensure their health and that of our clients, with regular medical examinations and blood tests. The sex of our escorts must always be with a condom, even oral sex. The only concession we make is the cumshot, but our girls have the right to accept it or refuse it at their discretion. No customer will ever force you to do something you don’t like. This rule also applies to anal sex.

– Our customers will have the right to request some particular sexual practices and specific attires. Every girl can report practices that don’t put her at ease and personal limits. Some girls are not comfortable in threesomes or having anal sex or high heels. Our goal is to create the best conditions for making the best sex possible for our girls and for customers. You will never be forced to do something you don’t like.


If you want to work in this business and earn a lot of money, just impress us! We are continually looking for the best girls to transform them into the best Amsterdam escorts. We only want the best, and we look forward to reading your applications.