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Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency

Physical contact is definitely the basis of sex. There can be no sex without touching us, and nobody would be able to appreciate a fuck without being able to touch all parts of the partner’s body. Some men have also said that they appreciate physical contact with women more than anything else, rather than real sex. After all, it’s great to touch a nice ass, to tighten nice tits in the palm of the hand, and to play with nipples. But some men are no longer content to simply touch a woman, they want violence, a slight BDSM touch, establish their physical and mental domination over the woman and make them understand who is in charge. The best way to do this, and to get a woman excited at the same time, is to use spanks while having sex. Spanking is an incredibly erotic practice, which mixes pain and punishment with the pleasure of sex, especially if done while fucking doggy style. To satisfy our customers’ constant desire for transgression, we have created a new and innovative extra service, called Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency. This service will allow you to spank an escort while you are having sex!

Are you interested in this service and can’t wait to be able to spank a nice little ass? Well, then you are in the right place because this is definitely the service you have been waiting for!

Keep reading this article, and you’ll find out everything you need to know about our new Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency, and you can’t wait to try it in your next Amsterdam Escort Experience!

Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How It Works?

In sex, pain is often synonymous with pleasure in many aspects; for example, in anal sex, women much appreciate the pain they feel, and that becomes a pleasure, or for those who practice BDSM sex, pain is an integral part of their sexual experience. Pain is a very strong feeling, which people fear, but which in specific contexts can trigger a very strong flow of adrenaline in the body and also cause waves of pleasure.

In sex, pain serves to excite people, especially to establish who is in control of the situation and can literally dominate the other person physically and mentally. Spanking a woman is a punitive and dominating act that many people find very exciting. It can be said that it is a memory of childhood, where one was spanked for doing something wrong, that in sex, it loses the punitive function to become exciting and a practice capable of giving pleasure.

There are many ways to use spanking in sex. For example, they can be done before having sex to excite a woman or man, or during penetration (as can be seen in several pornographic films, with the actor slapping his partner while having doggy style sex), or in any when you want to establish both physical and mental domination.

Our Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency is designed to give maximum pleasure and the freedom to spank one of our beautiful escorts whenever we want to all our clients.

In fact, in this service, it is possible to spank the beautiful ass of one of our Amsterdam escort babes in any way you want for the duration of the service. The pleasure that you and the escort babe will experience will be special and will allow you to experience unique emotions and further strengthen your bond. We can assure you that nothing will be the same after trying our Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

To be able to use this service, just select one of our beautiful Amsterdam escort babes and indicate among all the services that you have in mind to also do the Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency. Do not forget to tell us where and when to perform this service, and we will organize a perfect booking for you where you can spank without limits the escort babe you have chosen!


Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things to do


This service is decidedly controversial and highly appreciated by all our customers. It is a service that allows people to realize all their most perverse dreams and to have a unique physical contact with the chosen escort.

Here are all our tips to have a perfect Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency:


– The service does not include any sexual activity. You will only be able to spank the escort you chose during your Amsterdam Escort Experience. It is not possible to purchase only this service.

– Follow the directions of the escort regarding the intensity of the spanking. Always respect the girl and don’t overdo it by force.

– We advise you to agree immediately when it is possible to use this service with the escort you have chosen, so as not to have problems.

– If you wish, you can be spanked during your Amsterdam escort experience. Do not be afraid to communicate all your secret desires, because we are at your disposal to help you achieve them.


Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things not to do

Using a service like this is very easy to lose control and make mistakes, doing too much harm to the escort who hired for this service.

Here are our best tips not to take risks and not to spoil this service.


– Remember that you cannot have sex in this service. Don’t touch the woman’s pussy, and don’t masturbate her.

– Always follow the instructions of your escort girl regarding the intensity of the spanks. However, never use too much force to not hurt her too much.

– If the girl asks you to stop spanking her, you must stop immediately. Not all girls have the same pain tolerance threshold. Don’t go overboard, and everything will be fine.

– It is not allowed to take photos and videos during the performance of this service and of all your Amsterdam Escort Experience.


We wish you a fantastic Spanking Amsterdam Escort Service Agency!

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