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Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service

A large number of practices in sex can be effective both by performing and receiving them. For example, it is possible to have oral sex at any time, and at the same time, receive an incredible blowjob. Or masturbate a beautiful girl or receive a handjob or footjob. Even in extreme sex practices, it is possible to receive pleasure and give pleasure with the same service. Whenever possible, our services try to create situations where it is possible to give and receive pleasure. We have already created an extra service where people can establish their dominion over the escort they have chosen through their own feces (the Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service), but we have absolutely not forgotten the people who prefer to be submissive and leave to the escort babe the command of operations even in extreme sex, and therefore we are proud to present to all our customers our new service, the Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service!

In this service, the roles will turn completely upside down, and you will have the great privilege of being able to play with the feces produced by the beautiful ass of the escort babe you have hired.

If you appreciate this type of sex or if you are curious to know if it may interest you, then continue reading this article, and we will give you all the necessary information to understand if the Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service is what you are looking for!

We are sure that inside you are already curious to try it, and at the end of the article, you will already be booking it!

Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service: How It Works?

Our new Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service is an extreme sex service that puts the client in a weaker position than the escort babe she has chosen. In fact, in this service, the role of the leader is that of the girl, while the client will be waiting for the action of the escort babe. The service is based on the erotic use of the stool, which will be produced by the escort and spread on the man’s body. It is a service that allows to satisfy a very fetishistic need and that many men have never been able to satisfy.

We have carefully selected only the best escorts for this service, and we can guarantee their health and professionalism in performing this service, and you can do whatever you want on your body with the girl’s stool. You can also do many other things in this service, but we invite you to speak personally with the escort babe before starting the service to understand what her personal limits are and what can be done.

In order to book this service, we need your collaboration. Select the girl you are interested in and tell us that you want to try the Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service. We will inform you if the girl you have chosen is available to do this service. If not, don’t worry, because we will suggest you the most suitable girl for the service. We only need time to prepare the girl you have chosen for this service, and then you can finally enjoy your Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service!

Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service: What to do?

Receiving the feces of a beautiful woman can be exciting and truly beautiful, but this service is definitely not suitable for all men. To get the most out of the Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service, it is in fact, necessary to be submissive and obey the orders of the escort you have hired. Also, to ensure the highest level of hygiene and excellent service, we have established some simple rules that you must follow.

Here they are:


– No sexual services are provided in this service. You will only be able to receive the girl’s stool on your body and use it. If you want to have the sex, you need to buy other services, such as the basic package with regular sex and a condom blowjob or anal sex.

– If you want to have sex with the girl you have chosen after receiving the Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service, you must wash your body thoroughly before doing so.

– We advise you to completely shave yourself so as not to risk that parts of the stool remain attached to your hair.

– We recommend you not to put the girl’s feces in your mouth due to the great danger of diseases you could contract.

– You can touch the girl’s stool and spread it on your body, but wash your hands thoroughly before touching any part of the escort babe’s body.

Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service: Things not to do


In controversial services like this, it is easy to lose control of the situation and do something wrong, which can ruin the service. To help you keep control of the situation, we have therefore created the list of things to do that you have just read, while now the time has come to read the list of things that we suggest you not to do.


– You cannot have sex in this service and cannot touch the girl while she is making the stool.

– You cannot smear feces on the girl’s body since you have purchased this service. If you want to spread the stool, you have to buy the Giving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service.

– If you can’t wash after running the service, then you can’t.

– The service must only be performed in a hotel room for hygiene reasons.

– It is not possible to take photos and videos while running this service or all your Amsterdam escort experience.

We wish you a great Receiving Hardsports Amsterdam Escort Service!

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