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Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service

Oral sex is one of the most popular and requested types of sex from our clients. It’s about using the tongue and mouth to give pleasure to the partner in an incredibly powerful way, and it’s not uncommon to find people who manage to orgasm more easily with oral sex than with regular sex. However, you must not make the mistake of considering oral sex boring, because there are many variations, even extreme ones, that can make it even hotter and unforgettable. We are very careful to listen to the requests of our customers, and we understand that everyone wanted to try the last frontier of oral sex: face sitting! For this reason, we have created our new service for all oral sex enthusiasts: the face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency, the service where everyone can experience this innovative practice to make oral sex a much more intense and transgressive experience!

If you want to know more about our face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency, then read on this article, and you will have all the necessary information to understand whether or not to experience this beautiful Amsterdam escort agency service!

Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: How it works?

Oral sex is one of the types of sex that are most requested by our customers, and we decided to create a brand new service that would combine the pleasure of oral sex with a little domination, to make things even more kinky, and face sitting it was exactly what we were looking for.

The face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency is the service that will allow you to experience first hand this wonderful service in which the escort babe you choose will literally sit on your face. Yes, you got it right, the escort you have chosen to have this service will sit on top of you, and you will have her shaved pussy attached to your mouth. The weight of the girl will crush you, and she will dominate you for the duration of the service. The only thing you can do is to lick her pussy and hope that her orgasm will come soon so that it will get up from your face. It is an absolutely unique service of its kind, which mixes oral sex, domination, and the power of women over men.

Many of our customers are enthusiastic about this service, and our escort babes love to get their pussy licked on every occasion, especially during the face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency. We don’t know what can be more excited than having a girl literally sitting on you and ready to get her pussy licked all night, and we are sure you will appreciate this new extra service that we offer to all our customers.

To have this service, you will only have to choose the girl you like the most and tell us that you also want this service among the other services you have purchased, such as the basic package with regular sex and blowjob with a condom or anal sex.

Please tell us where and when you want to perform this service, and we will organize the booking. Also, the escort babe you have chosen for the Amsterdam escort service agency face sitting will shave her pussy with the utmost attention just for you!


Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service Agency: Things to do


This service is very particular and gives a lot of power to the woman over the man. We decided to establish a series of rules to guarantee the best performance of the service and to protect the health of our girl.

Here are the things to do to ensure the highest quality of service.


– In the face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency, you will lick the pussy of the escort you have chosen in a particular position. There is no other sexual performance, and you will not even be able to perform 69. To get it, you will have to pay extra and buy services dedicated to this type of sex.

– Although it is very difficult to happen, there is a small danger of being suffocated and of not being able to breathe due to the weight of the girl on the mouth and nose. To minimize any risk, establish with the escort who will perform the service a conventional gesture that you will do if you can no longer breathe well. Use it before you find yourself in danger, even if such a situation is very unlikely to happen.

– If you can do it, you can touch the ass of the escort or her tits.

– Wash your mouth very carefully, using professional toothpaste and mouthwash to minimize the risk of infection.


Face Sitting Amsterdam Escort Service: Things not to do


This service is mainly dedicated to people who love to lick their pussy and be slightly dominated by the woman. You have just read the things to do to have a beautiful face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency, and now the time has come to know the things not to do in order not to ruin the quality of the service.

– You cannot receive oral sex in this service, so we ask you not to ask the girl for it.

– In this service, it is allowed to lick the pussy of the escort you have selected. You can’t masturbate it using your fingers.

– If you have not paid for other oral sex services, you cannot ask to switch to 69 or to receive a blowjob.

– The only way to stop the service is to use the conventional gesture agreed in advance. Avoid moving the girl if you have not used the previously agreed conventional gesture.

– You cannot take photos and videos during this service and in all your Amsterdam escort experience.

– Maximum education and respect for the escort who is giving you this service.


We wish you a great face sitting Amsterdam escort service agency!

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