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Few girls of our escort agency Amsterdam are more particular than Lyka, a girl who is entirely at ease in the strangest situations, and who always loves to exceed the limit.

Lyka is entirely at ease in situations where the client asks for the use of sex toys like big dildos, which Lyka can use to masturbate or to allow the client to play with her pussy. A beautiful dildo show is an excellent way to start a night of wild sex with this girl, the pride of our escort agency Amsterdam.

Lyka also loves using food as a way to make things hot. For example, Lyka can use cream, ice cream or even honey and chocolate to make oral sex special, putting it on the client’s dick, or on her nipples, or on her pussy, and licking greedily, like a greedy child.

Lyka loves to do extraordinary things, like using the hot candle to experience intense pleasure and a hint of physical pain, or with some spanking to read during a breathtaking doggie. Or a very delicate prostate massage, to tease the client in a particular way, or to cause pleasant shivers of lust.

In short, Lyka is one of the most particular girls of our escort agency Amsterdam, one of the girls we suggest to clients who want to live experiences that are impossible to replicate, difficult to imagine, but that Lyka considers a beautiful game, the game of sex, where she is the undisputed mistress.