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Mady, in fact, spends most of her free time training in the gym with yoga, fitness, pilates and CrossFit sessions. Mady really loves running on a treadmill, lifting weights and stretching in many yoga positions. Moreover, this hot babe escort Amsterdam loves to run around the historic center of Amsterdam, practicing regularly. Mady can’t stand to stay one day without training, she has a strict discipline and a great work ethic. Her body is sacred, and she respects it.

Mady is also cautious about food, and this hot babe escort Amsterdam is a vegetarian, and has manic care for her skin, using moisturizers, beauty masks, and drinking a lot of water.

The result of the efforts of this hot babe escort Amsterdam is before everyone’s eyes: a perfect, toned, muscular, flexible and light body, which adapts to every sexual position. A toned and slender body, perfect to be touched and licked. Perfect nipples, nice tits, a firm ass.

Mady has a perfect cardiovascular condition, and this hot babe escort is not afraid to do exhausting sex marathons for hours. She will always be full of energy, with a great desire to make love, and without a drop of sweat.

Choose Mady, our hot babe escort Amsterdam with the body of a goddess, and you won’t regret it.