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Our escort girls choose their stage name very carefully. The choice of the name is fundamental because it must attract the customer, arouse curiosity and in some way succeed in defining the character of the escort girl.

Everyone knows the story of the legendary Egyptian queen Cleopatra, the woman who managed to seduce Julius Caesar thanks to her charm and beauty. Cleopatra was an intelligent woman, who knew her skills and knew what she wanted from life, and how to get it. She wasn’t afraid to use her body to get benefits from men and to seduce. Cleopatra was the prototype of the ideal escort, because she served her master, but always maintaining her identity and independence.

Cleo chose her name as a tribute to Queen Cleopatra, because the beautiful Cleo is exactly like her: proud, independent, seductive and mischievous, able to seduce a man with a single glance, and she knows how to bring each client to the brink of madness with a single gesture, or with every part of her body.

Cleo is one of our best escort girls, she is noble, refined, educated, suitable for every social event, and she loves the luxury of a beautiful hotel room to have sex as the client wishes, with unexpected initiatives and lots of love.

If you want to experience the emotions that Julius Caesar has felt, and have sex with the queen of escort girls, then choose the beautiful Cleo, the reincarnation of Queen Cleopatra of Egypt in Amsterdam, and your sex will be majestic and unforgettable.